American Royalty Crusade

“The secret society membership of a lifetime”

Where we practice many philosophies of life which are meant for the overall betterment of mankind

.Three of our philosophies, the great Albert Einstein once imparted to all who would hear the message:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

 “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious….the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true
art and true science.”

With our
tribute in memory of Albert Einstein (1879-1955) 

     We are the American Royalty Crusade (“ARC”). A private secret society that has been on going for over 25 years. We were privately founded within the support of our very unique concepts that began in 1982. The many concepts were researched and modified, over and over, for 25 years, before any real promise of any success was discovered to be even possible for funding from International funding sources.

     The possibilities were discovered by many of those of whom are private members of our crusade. Those relationships we will never forget, for someone always had an idea, or the professional background that would move our various concepts forward in bringing forth a reality of funding. It was through our private memberships’ faith in the many concepts and their financial participation that truly fueled our path toward a successful future, and to date, we have accomplished amazing research results within over 25 years of putting forth 12 Million USD towards the goal of developments in the near future. THIS would have never been possible without our faithful supporters of the Crusade!

     As the private membership is initiated through an association with someone within the ARC, we are honored in proposing a new level within the private membership by initiating the Silver membership level once again. We see this new Silver level as an opportunity for our campaign to initiate a multitude of new private members that will one day benenfit from the cause of spreading the “word” worldwide. It is our goal to reach out and initiate at least 2 million people within the World by the end of year 2017. Our many Gold and Platinum private members are benefitting from their many years of patience, as they participated in those many years of the Crusade’s research funding by contributing extensive financial support towards the various plans of demonstrating the feasabilities within the many concepts adopted, and now those concepts are being formally managed and promoted through Command Communications Network internationally.

     Any new interests in becoming an initiated “Silver” private member must be sponsored by any existing ARC member, as confidentiality and privileged information of the developing funding structures must be maintained for the protection of sensitive details, of which will ultimately benefit all those named as initiated ARC members. Once all new interests have been initiated and logged as a named private member of our crusade, they will recieve full access to the secured ARC member platform for all future updates and progress of the funding benifit to the ARC.

    THIS is the only opportunity, for anyone referred to this website to become part of something very special, and such will make a difference in the World, as the effect of all the many years of our research efforts, will soon cause the World to take notice of what can be accomplished, if you just have faith and believe that it can, and then….. it will be accomplished. While Gold and Platinum membership initiation fees were quite expensive for those private members over the many years, the new ARC campaign for Silver private membership level is fully serviced at only $2,000 USD. Only Cashier’s checks are sent directly to our managing promoters, Command Communications Network in the manner indicated below. All interested inquiries are welcome, and we look forward to achieving the benifit for all members.

     For it is our wholehearted belief within our continued Crusade, that THIS campaign will virtually impact the World to a degree of magnificent developments which will forever make a positive MARK, while showing something for our children’s children to know, AND that all the named ARC private members were part OF something extraordinary, and even however, keeping humble within the secret BLESSINGS which are awarded because of such enduring faith of all our Crusaders. That belief is found within our three main codes OF honor:  (1) Do What You Say, (2) Say What You Mean, and (3) Keep Your “Word” To Everyone You Have Ever Placed It With. We still stand in charge of that very principle of a real PROMISE.

     As we know each named crusader personally, THIS has been the greatest honor for over 25 years to have such an association with regular individuals of whom are friends of friends, and now have been networked into the greatwork messangers of goodwill. Truly thankful for the CHANCE to prove that when people do come together in a mission for a good cause, and then truly believe,….they can achieve,….and now…


“The American Royalty Crusade”


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